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PT. Dasa Windu Sejahtera

PT. Dasa Windu Sejahtera

About us

End of 2016 PT. Dasa Windu Sejahtera Indonesia appointed as Distributor Agent from XRF-Scientific Australia in Indonesia to cover the sales and distribution of their products such as Laboratory Equipment made of Precious Metal such as Crucible, Tong, Eyeled, etc and Flux (Lithium Metaborate and Lithium Tetraborate), Fusion machines for Xray sample preparation etc.

In the same year of 2016 PT. Dasa Windu Sejahtera get a business transferred from formerly PT.Heraeus Materials Indonesia which has been operated in Indonesia since 1995 also cover the market in Indonesia for jewelry master alloy, precious metal chemicals and precium metals refinery.


PT. Dasa Windu Sejahtera
Ruko Golden8 Block J8 Summaercon Gading Serpong

Phone:  +62 8129 8210951

Contact person:

Daniel Saban
Phone: +62 812 98210951

Products & Services

Laboratory equipment made of precious metals: fine Platinum or alloyed with Gold, Rhodium and Iridium such as crucibles, dishes, eyelet, casting dish, tong etc.

Fusion machine both electric and gas heater

Flux (Lithium Metaborate; Lithium Tetraborate or mixed with or without additives)

Infra red lamp for paint draying.

UV lamp for sterilizing.

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