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TIDAS L - the Benchspace Saving Powerhouse Lab Spectrometer

Information overflow and deadline pressure are rising concerns for laboratories too. Therefore it is more important than ever that laboratory personal can focus their efforts on their core tasks – performing the analyses. To support this as a manufacturer of laboratory spectrometers, lab solutions should be intuitive to use and integrated seamlessly into the working environment.

For this reason J&M’s latest models of laboratory spectrometers, the TIDAS L series of diode-array spectrometers, follow an approach of integration. The TIDAS L instruments feature an integrated PC with a large, high-resolution touch screen running the powerful TIDASDAQ software. The instruments can be run stand-alone or be connected to your network to share the results of the analyses in your organization. The diode array technology gives you rapid results over the full spectrum with each scan. No moving parts in the light path means excellent reproducibility of the results and low maintenance requirements.

Exhibitor: J&M Analytik AG

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