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About us

BROEN-LAB develops, manufactures and sells Laboratory Fittings, Emergency Shower Systems and Eye Wash Systems into a broad spectrum of laboratories and industrial locations; sectors include Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and Academia. Our expertise and product quality ensure optimal solutions compliant to all relevant international norms setting new standards in risk mitigation in modern research and development facilities.

BROEN-LAB offer solutions that ensure the functionality, compliance, hygiene, durability and safety are of the highest priority. For over 50 years our products have been integrated into a wide variety of workplaces, laboratories, hospitals and industrial locations with features that are assessed and designed to be flexible, durable and compliant offering a broad range of options tailored to each location. This inherent design integrity provides confidence in the solution adopted wherever in the world these can be applied.

BROEN-LAB is a collaboration partner in the design and layout of your next laboratory and it's integrated safety solutions.

Products and services

BROEN-LAB UniFlex is a solution package to fulfill the requirements of the ever changing laboratory environment.

BROEN-LAB's solutions are used by professional users in many kinds of laboratories, from the education and health sectors to industry in general.

BROEN-LAB's products are already an integrated part of many workplaces. Form fittings for purified water, nitrogen, vacuum and compressed air, to the control and regulation of pure gases in critical applications such as a gas chromatography and spectrometry.

BROEN-LAB is also a world leader in the supply of emergency showers, eye wash and safety equipment to professional laboratories, education sector and industrial workplaces. Our complete solutions are designed and developed for dynamic workplaces, and the systems is modular so that transport and installation are as simple as possible.
BROEN-LAB Emergency Shower Systems

BROEN-LAB Emergency Shower Systems

BROEN-LABs emergency shower systems comply with all international standards, EN15154-1&2 and ANSI Z358.1.
BROEN-LAB has developed a product program, which has become the quality benchmark on the market. The emergency showers are intuitively simple to operate. The material and assembly is of the highest quality. The solutions are module-based. This makes assembly and any replacement of single parts a quick and cost-efficient process. Thoroughly tested total solutions for all of your environments.



BROEN-LAB UniFlex™ is a solution package to fulfill the requirements of the ever changing and demanding laboratory environment. It includes a wide range of valves, outlets, fittings and hoses for different media and applications, a perfect combination that ensures long service life and low maintenance costs.
The heart of BROEN-LAB UniFlex™ is a unique and patented connection, which allows customers to choose from various connection methods, such as hoses, without changing the valve itself.

BROEN-LAB Quick Connect

BROEN-LAB Quick Connect

BROEN-LAB Quick Connect is the new innovative and flexible lab solution, it has a compact design that increases the size of the "working area" and reduces the downtime of the laboratory.

With BROEN-LAB Quick Connect you no longer have to finalise all processes in the laboratory layout from the outset. It lets you change both gas and fluid types as well as accessories, quickly and easily.
This flexibility means that you can convert for different types of tests or trials in the same room.


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